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After Production: Prepare the Software Factory for Blockchain Maintenance – Marco Alarcon & Jaime Pradenas, Bolsa de Santiago

Your Fabric project went live and is now on Production. After the celebration, it comes the not so exciting long term maintenance related to any IT system. At the Santiago Stock Exchange, we underwent a process of knowledge transfer from the R&D team toward the Software Factory to keep the Exchange Blockchain network running and evolving, with unforseen challenges that arise from the use of Blockchain technology. At the same time, the R&D team took the effort to plan the evolution of the Fabric network, with an aim to create a Blockchain Consortium and an explandable platform. This session expose how to plan your blockchain architecture for the future and what are the core activities required to keep your Blockchain network running in the long term, when at the same time it evolves with the incorporations of new business cases, requirements and participants. This sessions ends with the current plan of the Santiago Stock Exchange regarding the next Blockchain platform that is under development.