Become an AUNA's partner

Be part of AUNA’s ecosytem and get to know the benefits of being part of the most innovative ecosystem for the financial market. Becoming a partner is free and you can evaluate an upgrade to become a member.

Types of partnerships


Dapps Developer.

You are looking to build Dapps by using AUNA’s tools, in order to become a permanent member.



You are looking to build or integrate Dapps for your
enterprise clients by using AUNA’s tools or you just want to be reached by other companies who needs help to develop a solution in AUNA’s infrastructure.



You advise your customers in digital projects and blockchain is an alternative to consider, therefore you are looking to get to know our tools, services, ecosystem and explore opportunities with us.
desarrollo de aplicaciones blockchain

Services provider.

You provide IT infrastructure and you want to be part of AUNA’s ecosystem.

Advantages of the partnership:

Acuerdo Partner Auna Blockchain Chile en inglés
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